Sunday, March 7, 2010

Holidays Are Over !! (Sad Face)

Well, I was supposed to start school on Wednesday last week, but as you well know, due to the Earthquake that hit my country on Feb 27th, the start of my classes got delayed in a few days. Well, after all of this has partially finished, I'm finally starting classes on March 8th. Of course I'll count on less time that I used to manage during holidays which is of course, a pity...especially considering a have tons of plans and projects coming up (as usual :P) but I'll try to organize my time in a wise and productive way in order to do all what I need/want to do. I'm about to finish my longest playthrough I've ever done, which is International Super Star Soccer on the SNES. After I'm done with that, I'll continue with the Hidden Object game I was doing until late January. Apart from that, I plan on continuing with the Viddler LPs, the current series I'm doing on my newest account, the live streams AND (spoilers :P) I'm also planning on start doing my own podcast as well as posting some tutorials and re-do some other I did in the past. I'll be probably posting a vid explaining this with further details and giving you the chance to comment and ask what you need to know.

Take care everyone !

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