Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reasons for leaving

Certainly the idea of having a website completely dedicated to playthroughs attracted me to join the site in the first place. The directorship system was also attractive enough, so I saw that as an great opportunity to get my stuff more exposed and grow a new fanbase from it. I decided to promote the site and then apply for directorship. Once I got my director status, I realized many of the things that I was offered were never granted in the proper way. I seriously expected to get, if not all, AT LEAST most of my guides properly promoted. I'd say that less than 20% of the guides I've submitted in the last 2 years were featured. Instead, the owner preferred to promote average-to-bad guides from any randumb youtuber out there. Another element to remark is related to the usage of the GA uploader. Since now everyone (that includes bad walkthroughers) can use it, we directors automatically get less exposed than these "nobodies". So I wonder...where are the privileges? Let's see, Private Forum?...Dead, no one posts shit on there. Submitting in progress Youtube walkthoughs? Who cares, we need 3 kids to upload a GA vid and you're not longer exposed, Credits discounts? OMG HOW IMPORTANT! So yeah...there aren't real benefits anymore. These are MY reasons to leave. Other directors had other motivations..many of them related to GA owner's attitude and behavior. I hope this clarify part of the issue.

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  1. It's completely understandable. Your record there was one of the most impressive. So many walkthroughs done. You gave a lot to that site and its community. If they don't give enough of a shit to notice who does the most for them, then you're right. No reason to stay.